Conference Sessions

Hands-on workshops with individual attention and support

Unleash Your Personal Power

Each of us has some secret rules, a hidden behavior that halts our progress at the most inopportune time. During this session, we will help you uncover these behaviors and replace them with proven successful behaviors. You will tap into your personal power and go through an exercise that will teach you how to take control over your life.

Give Me Back My Energy

We are surrounded with entertaining distractions like our tablets, Netflix Originals, our phones and not so entertaining distractions all day long. This quick and fun session will reduce the noise and help you gain back your energy and mental capacity.

Unlock Your Purpose

Discover your true potential. Clients have said the exhilaration they feel discovering their purpose in life and being able to utilize their unique inner strengths on a daily basis has exponentially improved the quality of their lives. Our certified coach will take you through this transformational journey to discover your true life purpose.

Design Your Dream

You will be taken through an exercise that will help reveal your true desires and create a vision for your life. Similar to business, a vision along with your absolute truths and your purpose will be your guiding compass. It will help you avoid bad decisions and choose and be ready to take action towards living your dream.

Get In The Game

Ready to take charge of your life? Our certified coaches will get you moving and over that start line. How you start is important, and we will show you why getting past that starting line is even more important.