What Is Your Purpose?

When you seek to added value or impact change, do you want to do this individually, within a community, or maybe larger?  Who is it that you seek to serve?

Finding your purpose can be an experiential journey-the journey to find why you are here.  Some discover their purpose early on in life while others discover it later.

Discovering your purpose starts with understanding what scale you want to make an impact and what types of people you like to work with.

When you decide on “WHO” you want to help, you can start to define your customer base and define your motivation to do so.

For example:
Scale of Impact: Community
Who: Elderly
Motivation: Giving back to my community, a small city where I grew up, learned my values and helped create the person I am today.

This isn’t an easy thing to discover-however, I have developed a free worksheet to help you get started.

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